Transformed by the life-giving power of the empty tomb, let us pray for the church, the world, and all those in need.

Breath of God, with a mighty rush your church was set alight by holy fire. Kindle in our hearts the blaze of your love, that we may proclaim your saving grace to all the world.

Breath of God, every living thing depends on you for life and sustenance. Open your hand and fill us with good things that delight and satisfy.

Breath of God, we are a peole divided by color, nationality, and creed. Draw us together in our common humanity to work for peace and justice for all.

Breath of God, in our weakness we know not how to pray. intercede for us, bringing hope and healing to the anxious, the sorrowful, and those who ar suffering or ill.

Breath of God, we need the visions of the young and the dreams of the old. Guide the ministries of this congregation that we may bear the good news of Christ to others.

Breath of God, in hope we wait for that which we cannot see. unite us with your blessed saints as we welcom the coming of the Lord’s great and glorius day.

Hear our prayers, gracious God, and grant all that we need to live as your Spirit-filled people, in the name of the risen Christ.


If you have prayer concerns that you would like the community to lift up before God, please place them in the pastor’s office?so they may be included in the newsletter and/or the Sunday morning prayers of the people.