Pastor Donald Keiser Dovre began his ministry at First Lutheran Church in November of 2009.

Pastor Don has mostly served in small towns and open country parishes– Morgan Minnesota, Ryan Iowa, and Huxley Iowa. He was also the Director for Annual Giving at Wartburg Seminary in Dubuque Iowa from 1995-1999.

Having grown up on a farm, Pastor Don has a special bond with small and rural congregation members. He enjoys the changes of the seasons, the struggle for the harvest and the acknowledging of God’s great blessings.

Pastor Don’s favorite time of the week is Sunday morning worship. He loves being with people as we praise and pray to God. He preaches in a variety of styles so that people might be opened to hearing God’s word for them. He is glad that we celebrate Holy Communion every week at First so that people might taste and know God’s love for them.

Pastor Don’s wife, Gloria, is also a pastor who works part time in Ottumwa. They have four children.

Please get to know Pastor Don as you develop relationships with all the people of First Lutheran Church